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Shocking Asbestos Products

As we all know, a large percentage of properties around Perth Western Australia contain some form of asbestos material. What is shocking however is the long list of asbestos based household products that were bought and sold in years gone by.
We don’t know the extent of the damage caused by these products, but if there is any chance you still have these products in your house. We recommend you have them removed IMMEDIATELY!!

Being the festive time of year, lets look at ASBESTOS SNOW, this was sprinkled over christmas trees and around the house, even the famous movie “The Wizard of Oz” used asbestos snow in one of their scenes.

Cigarettes can be harmful enough, but when you add an asbestos filter to “protect” the smoker from the harmful toxins, it can only get worse.

Baby suits were also made of asbestos, due to the superior heat/fire resistant properties, these suits were just as dangerous as any fire can be.

We never knew the dangers of these products (or maybe some of us did), its horrifying to think that we have been living around these products for all of our lives. If you can think of any other everyday products, that you think will be on the “banned” list in the near future, for safety reasons, feel free to comment and let us know your thoughts.
Also a reminder that asbestos products were banned from being produced from the mid 1980’s, even after knowing the danger, they allowed the stockpiled asbestos products to continue to be installed until December 2003. If they knew the dangers of asbestos in the mid 1980’s, why did they allow people to keep using and installing it for another 15 years??

More SHOCKING asbestos products to come soon. If you know of any other, please feel free to email me the details.

For more information regarding the use of asbestos in Australia, go to Dept Of Health Australia – Asbestos

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