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Asbestos Mining is still happening

Even though the dangers of asbestos are known globally, this hasn’t stopped certain countries mining this deadly product.
World Map Asbestos Mining

Russia, China, Brazil, Kazakhstan and India are the world leaders in asbestos mining, in 2013 they mined a combined total of over 2,000,000 tonne.

It is a driving force behind a number of local economies, but at what price…

“Despite the fact that health concerns have prompted more than 50 countries to restrict or ban the use of asbestos since the early 1970s, others continue to mine and consume the toxic mineral in alarming quantities. Supported for decades by aggressive industry campaigns, the popularity of asbestos is currently rising in developing nations where affordable, mass-produced building materials are in high demand.

Pro-asbestos lobby groups have spent nearly $100 million in public and private funds since the mid-1980s to keep the industry alive in Canada, Brazil and India.

But the affordability of asbestos does not come without costs — namely in human lives. Although supporters contest the toxicity of chrysotile (white) asbestos when used under controlled conditions, countless studies have linked exposure of any type or dose to an increased risk for asbestos related diseases,including mesothelioma.

WHO argues that the best way to eliminate these diseases is to stop mining and using the mineral”
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Mining Asbestos

Asbestos mining is sometimes “attempted to be” justified by, the boost to the economy, or the creation of thousands of jobs. Putting a price on a persons life in our opinion is tragic. The fact that symptoms may take 20-30 years to appear, makes us feel that the “living for today, forget about tomorrow” attitude is still strong in certain environments.
As time goes on and peoples priorities change, I don’t think any people who currently work in the asbestos mining industry will not have some form of regret as to decisions that were made.

When its the family of the miners who are also exposed to the deadly material, that is where the real tragedy surfaces.

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