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Roe 8 site – Riddled with Asbestos

The planned site for the new Roe 8 has been looked more like a battle zone over the past few months. With Police and protesters clashing on a regular basis. But the newly found danger to local residents and Roe 8 workers may end up costing lives.

Over 45 Samples tested were taken from the site, Terrifying results found over 80% tested positive to asbestos.
Roe 8 asbestos

Some local residence have been aware that the area is used as an illegal dumping ground for asbestos for years. As heavy machinery such as bulldozes, mulches and truck clears the area, plumes of dust and debris are covering residents houses, cars and clothing. Reports from a Russell Road Success resident said “you know when they are working on Roe 8, the car is covered in dust”. Previously unaware of what material could be within the dust, now has some local residence worrying about what both they and their children may have been exposed to.

Coolbellup Concerned Residents spokes person Alison Wright expressed serious concerns regarding the findings. Ms Alison Wright said “Because of the strong community concern a survey of the area proposed for the Roe 8 development, including some of the area that has since been cleared was conducted,”.

“Asbestos like product is evident in large numbers throughout the project site and yet the Construction Management Plan only identifies specific areas to be addressed.

“This raises significant concerns about the ability of the contractor to properly mitigate against the risk of exposure to the public of dangerous levels of asbestos exposure.”

Testing carried out by Envirolabs have confirmed what most residents already knew, they believe the government knew as well, as numerous reports and enquiries have been made to local councils over the past few years. Some locals believe the government contractors have not followed the correct procedure in hazard mitigation.

Roe 8 sample results asbestos

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