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How to Choose a Reputable Asbestos Removal Company

The presence of asbestos within a property built before 2004 is likely, even though the dangers of asbestos were not identified until the mid-1980s. Businesses that had stockpiles of asbestos were allowed to legally sell and install asbestos-containing material until the 31st of December 2003. That’s less than 15 years ago!

Before you allow anyone to do any work relating to asbestos, these are the questions you MUST ask.

  1. Do they have a current WORKSAFE WA Asbestos removal license?
    Ask for a copy of the license prior to any work starting, or check WORKSAFE WA registered asbestos license holders.
  2. Does the company have ‘ASBESTOS SPECIFIC’ insurance?
    This is NOT your normal trade insurance, this is an ASBESTOS SPECIFIC insurance – ask for a copy. This MUST specify asbestos removal and handling within the business.
  3. Do they have Certified ASBESTOS Vacuums?
    A Certificate of Compliance should be cited prior to use. DO NOT under any circumstances allow someone to use a household vacuum where asbestos may be present.
  4. How do they remove asbestos fences?
    It is illegal to snap the fences off at ground level, use an angle grinder on the fence, or smash the bolts through with a hammer.
  5. How to they remove asbestos cladding, such as eaves, ceiling and walls?
    It is illegal to break asbestos sheets up with a hammer, or carelessly handle them. Sheets must be removed in full pieces where possible with all beams de-nailed and sealed.
  6. Do the workers wear the appropriate protective equipment?
    Whenever a person is handling asbestos, they must have a minimum level of safety gear, this includes a P2 rated particle mask, minimum Type-5 disposable coveralls, approved non-lace work boots, gloves and eye protection. If they don’t care about their own safety, I doubt they will care about yours.
  7. What guarantee do they offer?
    Ours is simple, no money changes hands until you are 100% happy with the work. There is no better guarantee, which clearly shows the confidence in our work and customer satisfaction.
  8. Do they have references for previous work?
    We have worked in many suburbs of Perth, as well as rural areas throughout the state. We have previous customers who are more than happy to give any feedback regarding work completed in your area.
  9. Do they issue a recognised certificate of removal and receipt of correct disposal?
    We have a systematic process we follow for every job; this process will allow asbestos material to be removed whilst maintaining the highest level of safety and minimizing the chances of fibres becoming airborne. We thoroughly explain the entire process to put your mind at ease before any work has begins.