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Asbestos Removal Pricing

At Rapid, we offer competitive pricing on the removal & disposal of all asbestos-containing material. While our pricing remains affordable, the quality of work is of the highest possible standards. We go above and beyond WORKSAFE legal requirements, to ensure everybody’s safety.

The budget is sometimes the determining factor in who someone chooses when deciding on trades. While we are not the cheapest asbestos removal business in Western Australia, we are extremely competitive and are extremely thorough and careful.

Asbestos is a dangerous substance so it’s essential to have a qualified & licensed asbestos removalist carry out the work. The cost of yours and your family’s health is not worth risking just to save a few extra dollars on a quote. Before hiring an asbestos removal company, it’s important to ask specific questions to find out if the company is reputable and safe.

In some cases, if we find asbestos-containing material in good condition, removal may not be the only option. We will offer alternatives if possible and only remove what is necessary for your safety.

We remove asbestos fences, asbestos roofs, asbestos ceilings, asbestos flooring and asbestos walls & eaves. See below for a general overview of the cost of removal of the most common asbestos materials. We offer free onsite inspections so that we can thoroughly access the area and provide an accurate quote.

FencesStarts at $35 per fence sheet*
RoofsStarts at $40 per m2*
WallsStarts at $35 per m2*
CeilingsStarts at $40 per m2*
EavesStarts at $35 per m2*
FloorsStarts at $85 per m2*

*Please note: There is a minimum charge of $350 +GST.

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