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Asbestos Flooring Removal

Another common place to find asbestos is right under your feet. Asbestos floor covering was most commonly used between the 1960s and 1980s, but it was still used outside of those periods. Asbestos was used as flooring due to its durability and fire-resistant properties.

Asbestos flooring is not dangerous unless it’s in bad condition or is disturbed. If you are sanding, sawing, drilling or tearing the asbestos laminate flooring out this can be a major risk to you and your family’s health. If you are planning on installing new flooring, it’s safest to get a certified asbestos removal company to perform a free asbestos inspection and remove if it is found to be asbestos flooring. At Rapid, we offer asbestos floor removal as part of our residential asbestos removal and commercial asbestos removal services.

Asbestos Floor Removal Cost

Asbestos floor removal starts at $85 per square metre (with a minimum charge of $350 +GST) but this could vary.

The cost of asbestos floor removal will depend on the type of asbestos floor and other factors like access.

Types of Asbestos Flooring

There are different types of asbestos flooring, including the following:

1. Asbestos Floor Tiles

Asbestos floor tiles, also known as asbestos laminate flooring and asbestos vinyl flooring is found in many residential and commercial properties throughout Western Australia.

Asbestos floor tiles were mainly made in the size 9 inches by 9 inches, but 12 inch and 18inch squares were also used. You will also find that the asbestos laminate flooring is thicker than modern laminate flooring.

A good indicator that you have asbestos tiles is they will appear grimy and have discoloured spots. If some of the tiles have come off, if they are asbestos, you should see a thick black glue/adhesive on the bottom of the tile. This adhesive is referred to as black Jack and contains asbestos.

Many non-asbestos vinyl tiles look exactly the same, so if you are installing new flooring it’s safest to have a professional carry out asbestos sample testing.

2. Asbestos Carpet Underlay

Asbestos fibres can exist in old carpet underlay as well as in the adhesive, which was usually black. Hessian bags that once transported asbestos were reused as a carpet underlay. Asbestos carpet underlay is easy to identify due to its hessian texture.

If you discover asbestos carpet underlay and you’re planning on installing new flooring, hire a certified asbestos removalist to remove the carpet flooring.

Need Your Floors Tested for Asbestos & Removed?

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Frequently Asked Questions – Asbestos Flooring

Was asbestos used in flooring?

Yes, asbestos was used as the flooring in many properties before the 1990s. The only way to conclusively know that your flooring is asbestos is by sample testing however an inspection by a professional asbestos removalist in most cases can determine if your floor is asbestos.

How to tell if vinyl flooring has asbestos?

Asbestos vinyl floor tiles were made in many colours and patterns. Generally, asbestos vinyl floor tiles are thicker than modern vinyl and were typically 9inches by 9inches.  

Can you put new flooring over asbestos floor tiles?

In the case that the floor tiles are in good condition (no cracks or signs of decay) then it may be possible to install a fresh layer of flooring over the top. Talk to an experienced asbestos removal company to get their advice. Where this would not be possible is if you planned to refinish the wood flooring underneath or disturb the tiles during a remodel.