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Asbestos Testing Perth

Asbestos analysis conducted within a NATA (National Australian Testing Authority) certified laboratory, which is both nationally and internationally, recognised.

The cost for an average single sample test in Perth can be over $200, but, the person taking the sample may not have the qualification to handle asbestos, or the experience to remove the sample in a manner than minimizes the risk of asbestos contamination to your property. They may even put you in danger of asbestos exposure if done incorrectly.

There is no way to be 100% sure than a material is or is not asbestos. Even with all our years of experience, we still come across material that we are unsure of.  That is why an asbestos inspection and testing is essential.

Obtaining asbestos testing results can save you thousands. Recently (December 2016) we quoted the removal of an upstairs extension of a house in Scarborough, 2 other companies (who will remain nameless) advised the owner the walls and ceilings were asbestos. We were not 100% sure, so we arranged a sample test. The results came back as negative to asbestos, saving the owner around $2000.00.  In this case, simply carrying out an asbestos inspection was not conclusive.

We make it very clear, we DO NOT create work that doesn’t need to be done. We will not tell you something is asbestos when its not, and if we do come across some material that is found to NOT be asbestos during the removal. We will leave it in place, and take it off the final price.

We can come out carry out an asbestos inspection free of charge. We also offer free sample testing, which includes the safest possible techniques to obtain the sample, followed by the sealing of any exposed areas of asbestos that are caused by the sample removal. Most of the time, the area we samples will go unnoticed. We will compile a full report and photo references of locations and results. The average wait time for results are 24-48 hours, so even if its a last minute consideration, we can often accommodate emergency testing.

Samples from any area, internally or externally, an asbestos report and an analytical report from our hygiene technician are provided.

1 x Sample and Report $150.00 + GST
2 x Samples and Reports $190.00 + GST
($35.00 + GST for each additional sample)

* If Rapid Asbestos Removals are contracted within 3 months to complete the removal of the asbestos material, the cost of the testing and reports are taken off the invoice. (Free testing).

* If Rapid Asbestos Removals are not contracted within 3 months to complete the removal of the asbestos material, the cost of the testing and reports will be invoiced at the relevant pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an asbestos inspection?

An asbestos inspection involves a certified and licensed asbestos removal company coming out to your property to check for asbestos.

Is an asbestos inspection enough?

Asbestos can be in many places throughout a property. It could be present in walls, roofs and flooring for example. While professional asbestos removalists can identify some forms of asbestos, some materials cannot be confirmed without lab testing. In situations when we are uncertain, we will always advocate asbestos testing.

When is asbestos testing required?

Asbestos testing is required when a material cannot be concluded as asbestos from visually inspecting it.

Do I need asbestos testing in Perth?

Most houses in Perth built before the 1990s will contain asbestos-containing material. If you suspect asbestos or plan to have any renovations done on your property, it’s always safest to have asbestos testing done.