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Bathroom and Kitchen Renovators

Have you ever removed a tile or wall panel only to find they have been attached to an asbestos sheet? Have you ever come across a kitchen cupboard that has been attached into the asbestos wall? Or maybe the last person who removed the asbestos has left a pile of broken pieces and contaminated screws for you in the wall cavity.

These are just example of what bathroom and kitchen renovators face every day, it can often cause the work to stop immediately, causing disruption to the trades, the costs of down time, disruption to the home/business owners, not to mention the health and safety risks to your staff.

As a guide for identifying asbestos in a bathrooms. You may see a wooden or thin metal horizontal divider or baton, that is situated just above head height along the walls. The top “third” of the walls were made of plasterboard, the bottom two-thirds are asbestos.
As a guide for identifying asbestos in a kitchens. You may see the same divider (as bathroom) but this will be situated at waist height.
This is only a guide to the most common asbestos bathrooms we encounter, the only way to be 100% certain that a product is, or is not, asbestos is to have it tested professionally.

Whether its 1 square metre or 200 square metres, our asbestos removal process has been proven to produce the highest standard of work, maintaining safety levels far beyond most asbestos removal companies in Perth. Not only do we remove the asbestos material, we remove all the nails, bolts, screws used to attached the asbestos material, we seal all the beams with a clear-dry 10% PVA glue, then complete the decontamination with certified asbestos HAPA vacuums. We have removed asbestos from over 100 bathrooms and kitchens throughout Perth, with faultless customer satisfaction.

We offer free quotes to all private and commercial properties in Perth, so you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain by giving us a call and finding out how we can be of assistance to you.

All work comes with a certificate of removal and a receipt of disposal for your records.