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Builders and Renovation Companies

Whether it’s a single panel in the bathroom or and the entire house, asbestos is very common in houses that are being demolished, this can be both a danger and disruption to any builders.

We offer free asbestos identification reports, free sample testing and free quotes.

What we do is create a clean and safe worksite for you to do what you do best.We can arrange sample testing for any material that you believe may contain asbestos. From as little as $25/test, you could be 100% sure about any material, so you will never have that voice int he back of your head, questioning if you did the right thing.

Our work and certification is recognised by WORKSAFE WA, as well as our Certificates of Removal being recognised by local councils and registered businesses.

All our work comes with government approved JSA/SWMS, Certificate of Removal and receipt of disposal; we complete all the local council permits and paperwork relating to the asbestos removal.

If asbestos is found during the building/demolition process, it not only causes a health and safety risk to your staff and the nearby public, it can also cause large financial losses due to downtime, as well as disruption to other trades.

Our rapid response times, including emergency call outs, will assist any builder or demolition company to get back to work as soon as possible.
We can even arrange a pre-start inspection, allowing you to confidently begin any work, knowing that the risk of on-site asbestos contamination has been eliminated.

We offer guaranteed start/finish times, with an unmatched quality of work and level of professionalism.

We have had the pleasure of working with multiple Builders and Demolition Companies within Perth in previous years, most of these companies found us through “word of mouth”, some of these include:

  • AWB
  • NCC
  • Element Constructions
  • WA Lucas Buildings
  • Ri-Con
  • Modus Property
  • Modus Projects