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Commercial Asbestos Removal Perth

Rapid Asbestos Removals Perth are a local company specialising in asbestos removal on commercial sites.

Asbestos in commercial buildings is very common throughout Perth. Asbestos was heavily used in the building industry up until the 1990s and will likely be present in some form within the structure or surrounds of many buildings. If you are unsure if asbestos is present at your commercial property, it’s essential to hire a professional to carry out an asbestos inspection before commencing work. If you require a 100% conclusive results, we offer Asbestos sample testing and reports.

All contractors need a safe and clean work site to get the job efficiently. As the asbestos removal and disposal portion of any works is often conducted first, we liaise directly with other trades in order for the job to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Without a license, it is illegal in Western Australia to remove more than 10 square metres of bonded (non-friable) asbestos. Without extensive experience and specialised equipment, removing asbestos-containing material can be dangerous. To avoid legal and health risks, always hire a licensed asbestos removal company. At Rapid Asbestos, we hold a Class B licence and are fully licensed to remove non friable asbestos on commercial sites.


Why Choose Rapid to Remove Asbestos from Your Commercial Property?

Asbestos commercial properties are common place in Perth. We work with a variety of businesses and contractors to remove asbestos-containing material throughout commercial properties in Perth.

WorkSafe Licensed & Audited

At Rapid, we are audited by WorkSafe WA on a yearly basis. Each year we exceed the legal standards and requirements.

In addition, we also have JSA/SWMS that are regularly approved by Government bodies for works we undertake. We are proactive in completing local council permits and paperwork, ensuring we are prepared to start the work immediately. On completion of a job, we provide a Certificate of Removal and a receipt of disposal.


Rapid Asbestos Removals are fully insured to execute all commercial asbestos-related projects. Our cover includes:

  • $20 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • $1 Million Statutory Liability
  • Workers Compensation

Efficient & Responsive

At Rapid, we are committed to completing the work to the highest possible standard in an efficient manner. We guarantee start and finish times, to ensure your project does not experience downtime or delays. With safety in mind at all times, we can remove and dispose of the asbestos on-site with minimal disruption to your project. We are also available for emergency call-outs.

Perth Commercial Asbestos Removal Pricing

All our commercial pricing is inclusive of government-related permits and license, site visits, Issue of Certificate of Removal and Receipt of Disposal, JSA/SWMS and the issue of Certificates of Currency for Insurance.

As the variables relating to commercial asbestos work can be extensive, we request an onsite meeting for all commercial works to discuss the extent and time frames related to any work.

Need a Perth Commercial Asbestos Removal Contractor?

As licensed and trained commercial asbestos removal contractors, we will complete the job accurately and efficiently. Give our friendly team a call on 0447 467 448 or fill out the form below to arrange a FREE onsite inspection & quote.

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Fencing Contractors

As asbestos commercial properities are common in Perth,  you’ll likely find an asbestos fence. Asbestos is commonly found in old fencing, due to its durability. If you’re a fencing contractor you’ve likely experienced the difficulty of removing the old asbestos-containing fence. Have you ever put a shovel into the ground and found the asbestos fence has just been snapped off below ground level? Do you find small pieces of asbestos in the dirt as you’re working?

At Rapid Asbestos Removals, we extremely thorough and efficient and will have the site safe and clean ready to install the new fence. We’ll even go the extra mile to make your fencing project easier. Installing a brick wall and need the trench left open to save your time and effort digging it out? Consider it done. Do you need a temporary fence erected after the asbestos fence has been removed? We can save you time and effort erecting the fence as we go along.

Check out our previous work to get an idea of the quality of our workmanship.

Builders and Renovation Companies

During demolition or renovation projects, it is likely that asbestos-containing material will be present. If asbestos is found during the building/demolition process, it could pose health and safety risks to the workers on-site and the nearby public. In addition, it will also cause financial loss due to the downtime and disruption to other trades.

Be prepared before starting work and organise a pre-start asbestos inspection. We will do an assessment and test for asbestos-containing material. This will allow you to confidently begin any work, knowing that the risk of on-site asbestos contamination has been eliminated.

If asbestos is identified once the project has begun, we can come out immediately and quote the job. We offer guaranteed start and finish times, allowing you to accurately adjust the schedule and get back to work sooner.

Real Estate Agents

Asbestos can sometimes make or break buying or selling a property. Concerns may be for safety reasons; some may be for the cost of its removal. Often the costs involved for removal of asbestos material from anywhere inside or outside your property can be both daunting and confusing to prospective buyers.

Take the worry away from your clients. At Rapid Asbestos we are fully licensed and insured to complete asbestos-related projects. We are flexible, affordable and maintain a record of high-quality workmanship.


Our clients within the commercial sector include both government and private organisations; we also have real estate agency and demolition company clients throughout Western Australia. Some of our clients include:

The Water Corporation
Department Of Education
City Of Armadale
City Of Canning
City Of Stirling
City Of Bayswater
City Of Fremantle
City Of Melville
City Of Nedlands
City Of Perth
City Of Vincent
Town Of Bassendean
Town Of Cambridge
Town Of Cottesloe
Town Of Victoria Park
Town Of East Fremantle
BGC Construction
AWB Construction
Element Construction
Modus Property