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What To Look Out For

Bad workmanship is something we have all seen in the past, but when the bad workmanship is involving asbestos removal, it can cost you so much more. The best tool you can have is being informed and educated as to handling asbestos.

  • If a plumber forgets to tighten a tap, you may get a water leak.
  • If a carpenter doesn’t use the correct screws, your deck can lift.
  • If a painter cuts corners on the surface preparation, the paint can flake.
  • All of these examples can normally be fixed, with minimal fuss.

If an asbestos remover cuts corners, it can be fatal. This is where our workmanship and attention to detail is unmatched. We are so confident in our work and customer satisfaction, we do not request a deposit, and you don’t pay anything until you are completely happy that the work has been completed to the highest possible standard.

We have been asked too many times to repair work that has been done by an asbestos remover who either doesn’t know the correct methods, or cuts corners to get the job done as quickly as possible. We don’t rush our work, we approach every job with in same systematic fashion, so we know the job is being done right.

Some examples of the work we have been asked to repair include:


  • snapped off at ground level
  • asbestos material pieces and debris along the fence line
  • asbestos fence capping left behind


  • wall frames not de-nailed and with asbestos surrounding them
  • asbestos pieces left in the wall cavity
  • asbestos packers not removed from between the wall frame


  • tiles left behind with asbestos adhered to the back of them
  • asbestos cladding left around pipe work
  • debris and dust left all over the floor
  • asbestos floor tiles not completely removed, with small pieces left under skirting


  • asbestos debris throughout the sand surrounding the shed
  • screws/nails not removed from the frame with asbestos material still attached
  • vacuuming of shed contents, which have been contaminated
  • Along with what to look out for, we have complied a list of questions you should ask before you choose a removalist. If a business can confidently answer all of these questions, You will hopefully be getting a great job.
    Questions to Ask – Asbestos Removal

    The best thing we can do is talk to you about asbestos removal, making an educated discussion will be your best tool, it won’t cost you anything to call us and ask any question you may have. The only silly question, is the question you didn’t ask.

    Educated Asbestos Removal