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Your Budget

The budget is sometimes the determining factor in who someone chooses, when deciding on trades. We will be very blunt when it comes to the price.

WE ARE NOT the cheapest asbestos removal business in Western Australia
(but with prices from $20 per square meter, we are extremely competitive).
There will always be someone out there offering to do the work cheaper, but what we can guarantee is that you WILL NOT find better quality workmanship than you will with Rapid Asbestos Removals. We can not stress enough the importance of doing your “homework” when it comes to the handling of asbestos. We have complied a list of questions that will very quickly have the “cowboys” running for the hills What to Ask

When considering your budget. Just remember – “Choosing the right company to remove asbestos isn’t expensive….its PRICELESS”

A lot of people we speak to have no idea of what the costs are involved with asbestos removal, so its hard to budget. As a guide, we have compiled a price list for your reference. Asbestos Pricing Guide

The easiest way to explain choosing the right Asbestos Removal Business…..

I remember when I purchased a $2 T-shirt online, instead of a $40 shirt from a city store;
I was assured it was the best quality and exactly how it was described.
When it arrived, I realized why it cost only $2. I took the cheap option and it ‘came back to bite me’.

I will never again choose the cheap option and this was in relation to a T-Shirt.

Now substitute the T-shirt with the removal of asbestos inside your family home.

Why would you take the risk? You can save yourself a few dollars, but what happens when you find broken pieces of asbestos around your property? What if its your kids that you find playing with a piece of asbestos? The most dangerous asbestos is when its in microscopes pieces, which is why YOU MUST remove the asbestos correctly int he first place.

If asbestos is left untouched, it is often safe, so when someone is handling asbestos, would you be happy for someone to come in with a hammer, break up all the pieces and scoop them into a bag to remove it? It may look clean, but what about the tiny fibres that are now floating around your house, backyard or office?
We don’t break the material, we use methods that may take a little longer than others, but we maintain the highest possible level of safety during and after the removal. We are unmatched in quality and service in this state.

We don’t use scare tactics, or create work that doesn’t need to be done. We often find that the asbestos material is in good condition and removal may not be the only option. It all depends on what you want.

Asbestos Removal and Disposal doesn’t need to ‘break the bank’!

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